Competition Law

BÜHLMANN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Ltd supports its clients to comply with any relevant competition rule when drafting, negotiating and entering into distribution, licensing or cooperation agreements. For instance, we analyse non-compete clauses, exclusivity arrangements, supply and deliver obligations, selective distribution agreements, price recommendation schems or territorial restrictions. We also give advice regarding the competition aspects involved in corporate transactions, for example at the creation of a joint venture or the corporate structuring of distribution channels.

Unfair Competition

BÜHLMANN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Ltd supports its clients when it comes to enforce fair competition. We advice and represent our clients in confronting unfair competition claims be it because of the making of the products or advertising. At the same time, we support our clients to defend themselves against unfair acts of competitors, for example in the form of misleading or comparable advertising or unlawful efforts to entice customers or employees.

Main contact: Lukas Bühlmann & Adrian Süess

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